Rancho Private function menu (For wedding, Birthday etc)

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We have Special discount for over 60 people, please_contact us!!

5 course menu (A$20/per )
1, Burritos --chipotle chicken with fresh veg (Half size)
2, Tacos--chipotle chicken or beef Tacos
3, Rancho special beef Nachos
4, Quesadilla-- chipotle chicken with cheese
5, Cheesy risotto balls

4 course menu (A$17/per )
1, Tacos--chipotle chicken or beef Tacos
2, Rancho special beef Nachos
3, Quesadilla-- chipotle chicken with chorizo
4,Cheesy risotto balls with crispy turkish bread and dipping sauce

※we have Churros available if you want dessert on the menu
※every person gets one of each of the items listed※
※We have vegetarian option for all menu
※Tacos and Nacho is Gluten free

Price example
5course $20 ×50 people $1000 plus GST10%
4course $17 ×50 people $850 plus GST10%